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Mr. Zari Kovo purchased the properties through a series of acquisitions in 1992-1998 and has been the single driving force in the development of Camden Town over the last two decades, binging it to its landmark status. He was pivotal in establishing Camden Market as the 2nd largest tourist attraction in Europe with over 150 million visitors per annum. During his tenure Mr. Zari Kovo had successfully achieved planning consent in Camden Town for the largest residential and commercial development facility to date. In 2014, a majority portion of Camden Market Holdings was acquired for $680 million by Market Tech Holdings a public entity in the UK.

Prior to purchasing and developing Camden Markets and Camden Town properties, Mr. Zari Kovo owned and operated one of the largest flea markets in the USA for a number of years. The Opa Lacka Flea Market, in Florida. With over 4,000 tenants on an 80 acre site, the market received accolade and support by the Florida House of Representatives for creating the most jobs in the State that year. The property was later sold to Hong Kong billionaire and friend Li Kai Shing for $120 million

Mr. Zari Kovo had also developed shopping centers and office buildings such as the Juewellenbeurs Exchange Building and Hotel in Antwerpen Belgium, amongst other commercial and leisure developments currently under management in Notting Hill, London, Hong Kong and Israel.

Mr. Zari Kovo is regarded a visionary in the field of real estate and father to six children with whom he enjoys brining on board to certain projects, namely his eldest son, tech entrepreneur O.D. Kobo and his daughter Ronny Kobo as creative director.

george warwar

Mr. George Warwar 


  • Owner of a company in the Diamond Exchange in Israel that trades in diamonds.

The company is active and is a leader in the Dimond Exchange in Israel

  • Qualified in the Israeli Polytechnic of Haifa in project management.

George has multiple companies that invest and develop real estate in Israel and has done major investments. 

  • Mix Use Development

Leading 5-star and luxury hotels, residential, boutique and resort hotels including negotiations and overseeing.

international hotel chains operate properties.

Proficiency in identifying value creating acquisition opportunities, skilled in acquiring hotels and resorts in key.

Gateway cities & major resort destinations, negotiating acquisitions and overseeing the closing of complex.

Deals including distress purchases.

Currently George is regarded as a major developer in the State of Israel with further investments in Greece.